Grace Mae Huddleston is an interdisciplinary artist interested in the relationship between humans and the so-called natural world of flora and fauna. Through her work in drawing and textiles she seeks to explore and represent the various manifestations of this relationship. Formal and conceptual elements from comics, craft, and kitsch are her primary influences.

Currently she is focusing on a large-scale drawing and textiles based installation that will represent an apocalyptic world ruled by slimy charismatic microfauna. Human shadows and skeletons dance in and out of focus in acid colored hallucinogenic landscapes dominated by sensual slugs and curiously evolved flora. The visions of this world are depicted as seen through one of the few remaining humans: a teenaged girl.


Grace Mae Huddleston is a drawing and textiles artist working in San Diego, California. She earned her BFA from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts in Richmond, VA where she later went on to co-found Community Room in an effort to create exhibition opportunities to support art that fell through the cracks of traditional genres (

Currently she is an MFA Candidate in UC San Diego’s Visual Arts Department where she also works as a teaching assistant. Grace has exhibited work in Southern California and Richmond, VA, most notably at Highways Performance Space, UCSD's SME Gallery, Conrad Prebys Experimental Theatre, Gallery 5, and 1708 Gallery. Her work has been published in the Auctus Journal for Arts and Research, Elbow Room, and Biji Magazine. She has a passion for zines and artist-made books and you may email her to view her zine library at

As an educator she seeks to share her passion for DIY art spaces and projects to inspire students to take initiative and create spaces for their artwork. Grace's teaching philosophy is inspired by the work and research of Lynda Barry. As such she endeavors to challenge student's preconceptions of artmaking and creativity, specifically in the fields of drawing and story-telling.



  • MFA, Visual Art, University of California San Diego, 2019.
  • BFA, Painting and Printmaking, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2014.


  • 2018 - The FRONT Arte Cultura, “Dreams, Daydreaming, and Dreamers”, San Ysidro, CA.
  • 2018 - Che Cafe, “Queer Time”, San Diego, CA.
  • 2018 - The FRONT Arte Cultura, “Monster Drawing Rally”, San Ysidro, CA.
  • 2017 - Main Gallery, “Vacation”, UCSD Visual Arts, La Jolla, CA.
  • 2016 - Main Gallery, “Tracing the Process”, UCSD Visual Arts, La Jolla, CA.
  • 2016 - Little Berlin, “Community Room @ Little Berlin”, Philadelphia, PA.
  • 2016 - Sediment Arts, “Community Room @ Sediment Arts”, Richmond, VA.
  • 2015 - Gallery 5, “Snow on Fire”, Richmond, VA.
  • 2015 - Depot Gallery, "The Gold Standard", VCUarts, Richmond, VA
  • 2015 - 1708 Gallery, “Community Room Presents: Dog Days, a 10 x 10 event”, Richmond, VA.
  • 2015 - Gallery 5, “This One’s For You”, Richmond, VA.
  • 2014 - Gallery 5, “Fall Mix”, Richmond, VA.
  • 2014 - Brooke Inman, “Mother of Presidents Presentation Series”, Richmond, VA.


  • 2017 - Highways Performance Space, “hOlie Luna”, Directed by Aurora Lagattuta, Santa Monica, CA.
  • 2017 - Conrad Prebys Experimental Theatre, “Spring Forum”, UCSD Music, San Diego, CA.
  • 2014 - Depot Gallery, “Reverb”, curated by Janelle Proulx, VCUarts, Richmond, VA.


  • “Untitled Forest Fire Drawing”. Grlz Nite Collective Zine. Ice Princess, 2015. print/zine.
  • “The Lay of the Ley”. Auctus Journal. 2013. web.


  • Magna Cum Laude. VCUarts Painting and Printmaking, Richmond, VA, 2014.
  • Pollak Society Award and Scholarship. VCUarts Painting and Printmaking, Richmond, VA, 2013.
  • Tasmeem Design Conference Ambassador. Doha, Qatar, 2011.


  • The FRONT Arte Cultura, “Monster Drawing Rally”, San Ysidro, CA, 2018.
  • Community Room, Founding Member, 2014.

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